Mỡ Chịu Nhiệt Đa Năng Sinopec Crystal Grease NLGI 3 (Hộp 2.5Kg)

Mỡ Chịu Nhiệt Đa Năng Sinopec Crystal Grease NLGI 3 (Hộp 2.5Kg)

Sinopec Crystal Grease NLGI 3
Country of Origin Singapore
Thickener Lithium
Color Brown Yellow
NLGI Grade 3
Worked Penetration 220 ~ 250
Dropping Point > 1800C
Packing Carton (2.5Kg Can x 6)
Price None

Sinopec Crystal Grease NLGI 3 with transparent appearance comes from the unique manufacturing process and premium base oils. Outstanding water resistant and adhesive property superior to other multipurpose lithium greases. Avoids grease spillage and oil separation under high working temperatures. High base oil viscosity ensure suitable oil film thickness providing better lubricity.  Provides good lubrication to friction parts of rolling and sliding bearings in automotive and other machinery.

Manufacturer: Sinopec Lubricant (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 150 Tuas South Avenue 5, Singapore 637363.

Usage: Suitable for lubricating rolling bearings, sliding bearing and other friction points of general mechanical equipment. Application Temperature Range: -200C ~ 1200C

Composition: Mineral oils, soap emulsifiers, additives.

Caution: Don't Take orally. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wash skin thoroughly after handling. Please dispose with caution. Keep out of the reach of children.