Mỡ Chịu Nhiệt Đa Năng EP Grease NLGI 3 (Xô 15Kg)

Mỡ Chịu Nhiệt Đa Năng EP Grease NLGI 3 (Xô 15Kg)

Multipurpose EP Grease NLGI 3
Country of Origin Viet Nam
Thickener Bentonite
Color Light Yellow
NLGI Grade 3
Worked Penetration 220 ~ 250
Dropping Point > 2600C
Packing 15Kg Pail
Price None

Multipurpose EP Grease NLGI 3 with excellent Extreme Pressure additives for heavy load, increase lubricity, manufacturing with modern technology. Anti-wear and tear, anti-rust and corrosion. Anti-friction and oxidation. High temperature performance up to 2600C. 

Usage: Suitable for industrial engines, ball bearings and steel mill industries. Maintain spare parts for long time service. Especially, it is suitable to lubricate ball bearings, gear and joints, for pumb engine, conveyor, heavy duty vehicle, engines with additive of pressure bearing properties, suitable for preserving medium, and high voltage power cable lines... Application Temperature Range: 00C ~ 2000C

Composition: Mineral oils, thickeners, additives.

Caution: Don't Take orally. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wash skin thoroughly after handling. Please dispose with caution. Keep out of the reach of children.