Mỡ Quân Diệu QD 406 Chassis Grease NLGI 2

Mỡ Quân Diệu QD 406 Chassis Grease NLGI 2

QD 406 Multipurpose Chassis Grease NLGI 2
Country of Origin Viet Nam
Thickener Calcium
Color Dark Green
NLGI Grade 2
Worked Penetration 265 ~ 295
Dropping Point < 1000C
Packing Carton (500g Can x 60)
Price None

QD 406 Multipurpose Chassis Grease NLGI 2 with excellent performance, anti-rust and oxidation. Anti-friction and Water resistant, fortified with adhesive agent to stick to medal surface of moving parts to avoid wear and tear. High temperature performance up to 1000C. 

Usage: Suitable for multipurpose general use, good for heavy vehicles, farm tractors and bulldozers... where moderate temperature service is required. Application Temperature Range: 00C ~ 1000C

Composition: Mineral oils, thickeners, additives.

Caution: Don't Take orally. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wash skin thoroughly after handling. Please dispose with caution. Keep out of the reach of children.